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tamil nadu tourism

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the most southern state in Native indian and it is home to a range of eye-catching vacation places. Tamil Nadu vacation places include but not limited to eye-catching valleys, amazing beach locations, relaxing mountain stations, wildlife areas, stunning wats or wats or temples, and attractive mountains.

Places to see in tamil nadu


Also known as Thirumaraikkadu, Vedranyam had been notice to C. Rajagopalachari's Salt Objective and Gandhiji's Dandi Objective. At a variety of 55 kms from Nagapattinam it also houses Shri Vedaranyeswarar Temple.


66 kms from Nagapattinam and 11 kms southeast of Vedaranyam is the well-known seaside town of Kodikkarai. Better known as Aspect Calimere, it has a insane way of life sanctuary for animals and Bivats sanctuary for shifting insane parrots. The insane parrots are known to trip from as far as Spain, Siberia, Iran, Modern australia and the Himalayas. Types involve the flamingos, ibises, herons, spoonbills, woodcock, hornbills, storks, willow warbler, wagtail and the insane goose. The mild home is just like the Chola period, and well-known understanding says there is also a legs make of Expert Rama known as Ramar patham.


The history of Thirunelveli or Nellai in Tamil Nadu goes coming back to 2000 year old. Thirunelveli can be discovered on the western standard bank of the Tamraparni flow. Once the economical commitment of the Pandyas, the city is known as after the Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar Shiva temple.

Rock fort

The Rock Fort is perched atop an abrupt massive rock formation within the town and is 83m high. The rock dates back to 3.800 million years and is in itself a marvel. The main tourist attraction is, however, the temple inside rather than the fort itself. The Uchipillaiyar Koil temple dedicated to Lord Vinayaka offers a spectacular view of Thiruchirappalli. Amidst the ruins, a climb of 344 steps takes you to inscriptions of 3rd century B.C.