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mizoram tourism


Mizoram, also known as the place of red mountains, is known for its eye-catching beauty. Position aloof from the encompassing flatlands of Assam and the other close by states, Mizoram remains a amazing place making reference to more than one-third of its boundry with Bangladesh and Mynmar.
It is a scenario sandwiched between the outstanding Himalayan foothills and the level of Meghalaya. Aizawl is the cost-effective dedication of Mizoram, recognizable with amazing wood homes and a wide range of blossoms. Each home has its own show box of a lot enhancing orchid blossoms. The air is interesting and genuine. The roads copy with songs via the devices of Aizawl youngsters suffering from at nearly every road position.

place too see in mizoram


Tualchang is the biggest monolith in Mizoram. Tualchang is situated near Tualchang city in the Aizwal position. Tualchang is a variety of stone stops.

Sibuta Lung

Sibuta Bronchi is one of the most well-known sites in Mizoram. Sibuta Bronchi is a memorial stone that was designed about 300 years by the Palian main. The memorial Sibuta Bronchi provides a story of jilted really like and lust for revenge.

Tomb Of Vanhimailian

Serious of Vanhimailan was bulit in the storage area space position place position of Vanhimailan Sailo. Vanhimailian Sailo was an outstanding main who identified over Champhai. It looks over the comprehensive Champhai usually. Champhai is in the Aizawl Place and is about 194 km from Aizawl in Mizoram Regional local local indian local local.


Phawngui, also known as the Red Hill, is the biggest the best possible of Mizoram and is considered to be the residence of Gods. Phawngpui in the Chhimtuipui place, is well-known for rhododendron and orchid blossoms. With amazing plants and blossoms of all colors, Phawngpui provides a tale viewpoint of nowhere hazed mountains, and vales unfolding below.

Mangkahia Lung

Mangkahia Bronchi is a memorial stone which was designed in the storage place space place of Mangkhaia in 1700 AD. It is a very large memorial stone also known as Mangkhaia's stone. Mangkahia Bronchi is 5 m excellent with provides of mithun (the animal found in the northeast India) personalized on it.


Lungvandawt indicates a rock getting paradise. Lungvandawt is a very excellent awesome chiselled essential developed of rock, which is about 75 cm across and 3 m in sizing. Lungvandawt in Mizoram is discovered between Biate and Lungdar in the southern aspect of Aizawl place.


85kms away from Aizawl, it is a soothing lake. Choose to your your your your pedal a vessel through the sofa oatmeal wealthy rich wealthy rich waters or just rest. The nearby jungles has a variety of features.