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chhattisgarh tourism


The new state of Chhattisgarh is an exciting tourist location considering the combination of group tourist, history, features and wildlife that it provides. The large of touring possibilities in Chhattisgarh however lie almost fresh. The virgin mobile mobile forested acres, noticeable with eye-catching drops, eye-catching levels off and rotating rivers offer a food to eyes and the lens of your camera. The forested acres of Chhattisgarh furthermore take up 42% of the area's land surface.The touring possibilities in Chhattisgarh Native indian therefore serve a large tourist flavor and has endless possibility of sheltering a growing tourist industry. The small city of Kawardha is provides amazing views of features and a rich group way of life. The stylish framework at Kawardha is one of the major touring possibilities in Chhattisgarh. The city of Bastar, apart from providing a amazing look of the group way of life, provides a variety of steel designed handcraft. These formed metal things are unique group products of Bastar and is quite popular among visitors.

Popular places in chhattisgarh


The little age-old city of Kawardha is a soothing vacation offering amazing views of features and a rich group lifestyle. The stylish framework of Kawardha provides you to some better glimpses of Local indian native royalty. The framework was developed in the year 1936-37. The framework now provides the real estate needs of the guests. Besides, the city also has a Radha Krishna Temple which is another source of interest for the tourist. Bhoramdeo Mandawa Mahal and the Madan Manjari Mahal are other places value a examine out in Kawardha.

Chitrakote Falls

These horse footwear established falls are 100 ft. high. One can often identify amazing birds sitting at the place of these falls such as to the attractiveness of the place. The interference designed by the falls is so loud that it is almost difficult to listen to anything behind their interference. The falls are incredibly amazing to look at during rainfall when the water gets the darkish shade due to crack down of floor.


This thousand year old town offers a wonderful combination of forests, drops and wonderful group cities for the enjoyment of the guests. The framework at Kanker is still resided by the stylish family of the area. The framework attracts a large number of guests going to the town of Chhattisgarh.


The place is associated with celebrities in the Ramayana. The place starts its name from Shabri, a woman who offered Expert Ram and his partner Sita while they were living in exile. Some consider the 10th or 1200's forehead to be even more sacred than the forehead of Expert Jagannatha in Puri. The areas of the Nar Narayan Temple in Seorinarayan have figures from Hindu belief designed on them. The annually occasion organized here attracts a lot of guests from across the country.